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Are You Ready to Disrupt and Innovate?

"disruptive innovation"If no one has come up to challenge the old, we won’t even have new market and technologies today.  Thanks to disruptive innovation, businesses are continuously finding ways to improve in a volatile market with fast-changing trends and shifting consumer behavior.  Last time, I invite you to innovate processes and that’s not without a reason.  Truth is, if you don’t have anything of value – people won’t notice you.  Simple.  If you want to shape the future and create a lasting impact in the tech world, you simply have to create something that will disrupt the market with cutting edge tools.

Identifying Opportunities for Disruptive Tech

With the consumerization of IT comes this great potential to improve productivity.. at lower costs.  We are living in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) age, there is a need to bridge the gap between work and play – to make people’s lives easier.  The most disruptive technologies of them all are the ones that completely change how we communicate and live.  Take for example the case of cloud computing.  While USB flash drives replaced downloadable digital media like CDs, DVDs.. the cloud got rid of having a local physical storage for data.  Now, people can access their files, anytime and anywhere.  No matter what your business prefers when it comes to innovation, keeping an open mind helps a lot if you want to move forward.

Do You Have the DNA for Disruptive Innovation? موقع رهانات

Let’s take the case of the software as a service.  The most important question of them all is how can small players disrupt the market that is currently dominated by the Silicon Valley big wigs?  As I have mentioned before, the greatest challenge in the tech world is developing new business models based on open source/freeware.  In the race for the next big thing, the last thing you want is for your ideas to be stolen.  For the same reason, new software is often sold with proprietary licenses, protected by intellectual property rights.  It means that you can’t share or improve this openly with others.  There will always be security and privacy risks where innovation is concerned.  In this sharing economy, maximizing profit for all while allowing the adoption of new tools, software, and technologies is still a work-in-progress. الرهانات

Taking a Leap from Idea Generation to Execution

Be a leader, not a follower.  You often hear this when it comes to creating a new product or service.  You know that those who are in the mainstream may not be interested in what you’ve come up with and you’re smart enough not to listen to them.  You have been smarter to ditch your traditional business metrics when it comes to measuring the ROI of what you’ve just created.  You’re even wise enough to match the right people with the right ideas, without ever falling into the pitfall of copying what top companies have come up with.  You may not be the next Google or Apple, but that’s totally fine.

In the end, what matters most is coming up with a product that delivers on the details… and keeping your promise to customers.

How can you enter the market at the right time, for the right potential customers to accept the innovation you have built? لعبة الرهان الرياضي   That’s the real question.




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