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Conquering the Cultural Divide

"cultural divide"Back in the 90’s, I remember hearing lots of news on the future of business as going ‘global’.  With technology today, time and place almost cease to exist as it bridges workforce across the cultural and geographical divide.  No longer does the adage ‘Divide and Conquer’ holds true these days, as collaboration happens in a speed of type.  The only question left now is: Have we really mastered our way through this global game?

Is Having a Global Mindset Your Ultimate Key to Outsourcing Success?

If you’ve watched the controversial TV series, Outsourced, you might as well know that adapting is more than a skill these days; it’s a must if you want to tackle problems together with your outsourced team and have an almost seamless collaboration process.  You may be too enthusiastic to work, only that it leads to frustration just because you forgot to do your research on your outsourced team’s culture, which affects the way they think and do things.  We are all stewards of global capital these days and having a global mindset is a social skill, just as important as technical skills.  How open are you to working with people in different cultures?

Harnessing the Collective Brain

One of the major impediments when it comes to success in outsourcing is not only the case of innovation, but also of the ‘Us versus Them‘ mentality that defeats the whole idea of team work in the first place.  This makes it easier to blame somebody just because s/he is from a culture totally different from yours. العاب قمار حقيقية   Just how well you understand the culture beyond your own is crucial in building the trust you need to make your outsourcing efforts work. مواقع المراهنات

Get Out of Your Bubble

You may not be too eager to learn more about the culture of your outsourced team, and the challenge here is to stretch yourself just a bit and do more than just trying to get work outsourced into foreign countries.  What are the customs of the countries you’re outsourcing to?  When you overcome this cultural divide with your willingness to learn, you can be better attuned to the pros and cons of taking your business on the global arena. طريقة لعب بوكر

When the office doesn’t anymore define the place of work, it doesn’t matter if your workers are on the same building, a floor below, or on a country thousands of miles away.  It’s a hot trend that businesses work with talent from any place on the planet, attracting an untapped gold mine of skills, of the best people you can find for your team.  The economic pie is growing and you have the power to make things work.

The choice is yours.  Are you ready to stretch your mindset this 2012?

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  1. Prime Outsourcing October 4, 2012 at 1:18 pm August 9th, 2010 10:30 AM

    A very interesting post. You’re really taking the risk when you’re planning to outsource. Although there may be times when it won’t be successful, there’s still a higher rate of being prosperous once done correctly. It always depends on the strategy of the management.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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