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Outsourcing in the Age of Uncertainty

"outsourcing"As businesses are becoming more dynamic these days, not only a global mindset is called for – but a move towards leadership and resiliency in this age of uncertainty.  Yes, we are living in times when change happen in a blink of an eye and where there is danger, there is also a hidden opportunity waiting to be discovered.  Outsourcing has never been the enemy here and what is lacking are innovative strategies and planning that will help businesses become more competitive, no matter where they are located in the world.

An Open Invitation to a Better Outsourcing Relationship

What makes a winning outsourcing relationship these days?  The key may lie in our flexibility and willingness to invest in expertise that will make things work for our business.  If both parties are open and honest, it will pave the way for problem-solving scenarios that will create positive results for both clients and outsourcing service providers alike.  If there is an issue of trust when the economy is barely recovering, perhaps, both parties can meet halfway in addressing needs and resolving issues to set expectations right in the first place.

This will then lead to this personal sense of accountability where there is just this initiative to create solutions for the success of the outsourced project. لعبة poker   It’s a chain reaction, with the benefits, if you would like to call it as such. لعبة بوكر تكساس

Learning to Survive in the Outsourcing World

There have been recent fears about Obama’s outsourcing bill that can have significant effects in major outsourcing hubs like India and the Philippines.  If this is viewed as an opportunity instead, where helplessness is transformed into power, one can survive this by seeking out new and unexplored terrains where outsourcing can still thrive.  There is a shifting trend to insourcing once more, where clients are wanting to bring back roles in-house.  There will be short-term gaps in contracts and yet, if one will commit to improving the quality of service, processes and managing business cost – one can still compete in times when businesses are looking to add more value, without adding extra costs.

If there’s going to be a slowdown in outsourcing in the coming months, what we can do for now is see this niche in a bigger picture.. so we can have better visions of the present situation that will help us address it in the future.  Will sending more work to outsourced providers result in a mutually beneficial business relationship?  In the end, change is constant and just how you respond to it makes a huge difference in the world. لعبه روليت

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  1. Outsourcing has definitely never been an enemy, instead of that it is being an source to gain a lot to both the parties. But really in this case, I don’t understand why Obama thinks this to be reason for their down economy.

    • seventhman June 12, 2012 at 4:20 am August 9th, 2010 10:30 AM

       Thanks Henry – honestly, I don’t understand this move against outsourcing either.  Is it a scape goat in when it comes to issues of unemployment?  We have to acknowledge the fact that there’s scarcity in talent onshore that’s why businesses try their luck offshore.  Then, there’s the cost factor as well.

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