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The Future of Mobile Productivity Software

"mobile software"If you’ve been reading my blog in the last few months, you will notice that I’m focusing on mobility in an age where people and businesses are redefining the way they work. موقع 365   This is the BYOD age,  where people access important applications from multiple devices to make work and collaboration efficient.  Mobile computing is as real as the air you breathe and a new era of productivity software is here.  Those who understand this perfectly will get ahead of the game where new devices and tools are concerned.

Business Tools Meet Personalization

Microsoft Office may have been our top business tool for years as we work on our personal computers.  But with over a billion smartphone users in the world comes new ways of creating value where productivity is concerned.  The success of these popular apps, like Dropbox and Evernote, didn’t happen out of the blue.  There is a huge demand for mobilizing applications as people work-on-the-go.  If everyone is going mobile these days, wouldn’t you want to leap forward and stay competitive in a fast-paced market?  Whether you are an enthusiast or an entrepreneur looking for smart ways to build a new and better product, it will all boil down to one question: How can you make people’s lives.. easier?

Mobile Productivity: A Call to Innovate

I’m not sure if I will agree with those who are tagging this as the new golden age of productivity software.  Truth is, these tools are far from perfect and there are plenty of room for improvement.  There are lots of opportunities where data collection, data management, scheduling, technical, and communications are concerned.  The challenge is how to maximize cloud computing, networks and create a seamless integration between mobile devices and businesses.  I guess, here’s where companies and customers are both learning from each other. كيف تربح المال من الانترنت مجاناً   Then, there are highly technical apps like AutoCad for the iPad… and who are using this, seriously?  Would you feel comfortable living in a high rise designed on a free iTunes app?

The Future of Productivity and Mobile Apps

I haven’t encountered a study that shows how people are using productivity tools on their smartphones.  What is the percentage of people who are making use of it effectively?  No matter how well-designed the software is, there are those who may find it more efficient to work on desktop (or even on paper).  Clicking on a mouse and typing on a keyboard is way faster than zooming on your screen with a touch and slide of your finger.  It would take you longer to reply to your email on an iPhone.  I guess, we all have our own ways of using mobile devices and as new models come out of the market, the invitation to get creative and innovate is so big that many are simply missing out on it. قواعد لعب البوكر   Just take a look on my previous posts on Responsive Design and how only a few have taken that bold move.

Are you ready to break free from the outdated way of things then… to come up or embrace a productivity breakthrough?  The future depends on your answer, today.


** Happy 4th of July to my readers, acquaintances and friends in the U.S.




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